Who is a Pathway program right for?

Six students sit and stand around classroom desks.

Pathway programs are designed for students who need additional support and preparation before they can enroll in academic courses and earn credits at SAF’s university partners. They function exactly the way they sound – they’re essentially a path for students to move through until they can achieve the progression scores required for a full academic courseload.

A pathway program is a right fit for strong students who are yet meeting the requirements for academic classes and have at least two semesters to spend studying abroad.

Why is time such a factor for students considering a pathway program? It’s because pathway programs require students to spend at least one semester developing their skills, usually in language proficiency, in order to meet the higher level of academic courses. For that reason, these programs are suited for students who can commit to at least 6 months of their study abroad experience.

For students wanting to study abroad but who aren’t yet proficient in the language of instruction at their host university, pathway programs are a perfect opportunity to improve their language skills through full-time language learning and develop the academic skills needed to succeed academically. Most pathway programs require an intermediate language prerequisite level, making them a more accessible option for many students.

Pathway programs are also a logical choice for students who can combine some academic coursework with local language studies before progressing into a full academic courseload the following term. This is what’s known as a concurrent pathway, and an SAF counselor can help you figure out whether a pathway program or a concurrent pathway program is the best fit for you.

SAF’s pathway programs offer a structured and practical approach for students to transition smoothly into the academic and cultural landscape of some of the world’s top-ranked universities. Not only are they a valuable bridge for students to reach their long-term goals, but they also offer a unique, enriching, and life-changing experience. Get in touch with an SAF counselor to learn more about which pathway programs might be right for you!

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