What’s the difference between a Pathway program and a Concurrent program?

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Both Pathways programs and Concurrent programs are well-suited to ambitious students interested in studying abroad, but whose eligibility requirements don’t yet allow them to enroll in academic courses at host universities.

A Pathway program builds the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed at SAF’s prestigious university partners – it’s a pathway to completing a full academic semester abroad. Pathway programs require a longer time commitment from students, who must spend more than a single semester abroad as they progress through courses until they’re able to take on a full academic courseload.

Pathway programs are a good, low-stress option for students wanting to improve their language skills before eventually taking academic courses. For example, someone interested in studying an academic program may be able to enroll in a summer pathway program where they study English first, before an academic fall semester. Students might also choose to complete language courses and academic coursework concurrently, before progressing onto a full academic courseload the following semester.

Concurrent programs, on the other hand, allow students to take both academic and language courses in the same term or semester. They’re ideal for students who may have less time – perhaps only one semester – to devote to their study abroad experience. Concurrent programs are also perfect for students whose home universities require at least one academic course, in addition to language studies.

Which program is right for you? Concurrent and Pathway programs both meet the needs of students with solid academic standing but not quite strong enough language skills. Both programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad while taking into account students’ individual timelines, areas of improvement, and academic goals.

To learn whether a concurrent or pathway program is best for you, speak with an SAF student counselor today.

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