Tales from the University of New South Wales

An Exciting Trip to Taronga Zoo

After a stressful studying period, my friends and I decided to go to visit Taronga Zoo. Australia is very famous for its lovely kangaroos and koalas. Therefore, it was such a great experience for us to get close to those animals and relax ourselves.

On August 27, we got up early in the morning and took a bus to the harbor. Then we transferred for a ferry and arrived at Taronga Zoo after about 20 minutes. Taronga Zoo was not very far away from the Sydney Opera House and built on a small hill on an island. It was my first time to visit a zoo which was located on a hill, and we even need to take a telpher to get to the entrance of the zoo.

Then we started our fantastic trip with watching a few shows presented by those animals. That was really exciting! Even though there were all kinds of lovely animals, such as koalas, giraffes, wombats and so on, I loved the platypus most, which is a unique species to Australia. It was so strange because it had four webbed feet and a bill, but it belonged to the mammal species. A platypus may look cuddly, but don't plan on making one a pet.

After about five hours visiting, we ended our trip and came back to UNSW. Honestly, I really enjoyed this trip! In my opinion, having a short trip during a period of busy study is really a good choice to relax our brains and broaden our horizons. So you can also try it!

~ From an SAF Student Correspondent