Top 10 Best New Zealand Snacks

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Going to be studying in New Zealand? Any good local dairy should have a wide range of local snacks, but for a more comprehensive selection, hit up supermarkets like Pak’n’save, Countdown and New World for full extent of authentic Kiwi snacks in New Zealand. Here's what we recommend!

  1. Feijoa: Feijoa fruit is native to South America but is widely grown in New Zealand. Its unique flavour is sweet and slightly tart and adds a fun flavor addition to many traditional snacks, like feijoa lollies, feijoa jam, and feijoa popcorn.
  2. Kūmara Chips: Kūmara is a sweet potato native to New Zealand. Kūmara chips are thinly sliced and fried sweet potato chips, lightly seasoned with salt or other spices. It also makes a fantastic soup.
  3. L&P: This lemon-flavoured soft drink, invented in New Zealand, has been around since 1907 and is a staple of Kiwi culture. It’s a bit of a cultural icon. Not only a household name as a soft drink, L&P also has a sparkling lemon juice sister soda.
  4. Pineapple Lumps: These are small, chewy pineapple-flavoured candies coated in chocolate and are on the shelves of most grocery stores.
  5. Whittaker's Chocolate: Whittaker's is a high quality New Zealand chocolate brand known for its unique flavours, like Hokey Pokey honeycomb, Peanut Slab, and Dark Ghana.
  6. Pies: New Zealand is famous for savory pies. Made with flaky pastry and filled with meat and vegetables, the most popular pie flavors include the iconic Bacon & Egg, Mince & Cheese, and Steak & Cheese.
  7. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream: This is a classic Kiwi vanilla ice cream with pieces of honeycomb mixed in. It's a popular flavor in most ice cream shops in New Zealand, it’s a core part of Kiwi culture, and a must for any travelling foodie.
  8. Anzac Biscuits: Traditionally associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps established in World War I, Anzac biscuits are baked on the 25th of April for Anzac day, a commemoration of the Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.
    Baked using rolled oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup, baking soda, boiling water, and desiccated coconut, Anzac biscuits are in any decent supermarket year round.
  9. Vogel's Bread: Vogel's is a dense, wholegrain New Zealand bread. It’s great for sandwiches and toast. Integral to South Island culture, Vogels has sustained many shepherds during shearing season.
  10. Wattie's: Wattie's has two New Zealand staples: Watties tomato sauce and Watties beans. Watties tomato sauce is a thick, sweet tomato sauce New Zealand condiment. A sweeter, spiced version of the tomato ketchup you’re likely familiar with, Watties has a natural home on meat pies, sausages, and fish and chips.
    Another Kiwi pantry staple, Wattie's baked beans are navy beans in a tomato sauce and are an ideal on toast for breakfast or lunch