Spending days out in lovely London

From Dalian University of Technology, SAF Summer Correspondent Xinrun Li is chronicling her experience at University College London.

3 September 2019

The experience I have with London is quite unusual, unique, and wonderful. It seems incredible that I have been in London for three weeks already since it is the first time that I have traveled abroad alone.

London, as one of the world’s famous cities, has something for everyone: from history and culture to fine food and good times. There is no doubt that the time I spent here was full of delightful moments, which might be the most appealing thing for the students who have the prospects of studying in London one day.

Immersed in history, London's rich seams of eye-opening antiquity are everywhere. The city's buildings look as impressive in actuality as it does in photographs, and a great many of them – Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London, Royal Greenwich Observatory, the British Museum– are instantly recognizable landmarks. The architectural grandeur rises in the West End of London, ancient remains dot the city, and charming pubs punctuate the historic quarters.

When someone finds himself wandering along the stone path in London, a good cup of tea seems to be the most appropriate choice for spending a cozy afternoon. Afternoon tea, a classical tradition, in some sense represents a type of food culture that originated in Britain. After having booked online a champagne afternoon tea, served at the Royal Horseguards, both my friend and I were extremely excited to taste the authentic British meal. It was really a fantastic experience for us to enjoy the pleasant surroundings in the lounge, the delicious dessert-like sandwiches and cakes, and the fresh black tea with silky milk.

Exquisite dome of St Paul’s cathedral

Exquisite dome of St Paul’s cathedral

Portal of the Crown Jewel at the Tower of London

Portal of the Crown Jewel at the Tower of London

Champagne afternoon tea served at the Royal Horseguards

Days out in lovely London

History, Culture, & Fine Foods
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