Getting ready to go to UCL

How to wisely pack and prepare for studying overseas

31 July 2019

I am Xinrun Li, one of the international exchange students from Dalian University of Technology, and I love traveling around to explore new things. I am writing this article to record my unique experience at University College London and share some practical tips for those who are currently preparing for summer courses.

​It is crucial to ensure that I am fully prepared before taking off. As for me, assorted things are to value, like expenses, visas, what to bring before departure, and how to adapt to an unfamiliar environment. To avoid forgetting something important, I have created a to-do list that reminds me to organize my schedule effectively before going abroad.

Besides that, I have considered necessary expenses and other costs, which might be useful overseas, including costs for entertainment and souvenirs. Equally important is that adding an international plan to our mobiles will enable us to successfully use our cell phones abroad.

In addition, studying overseas usually lasts three weeks or much longer, so we need to find out what stuff we really need to live. From my perspective, there’s no need to take all my possessions with me. I think that packing realistically definitely benefits a lot, which means I am not packing unnecessary items that won’t work when I get to the UK.
Last but not least, I am passionate about London and its culture, so I have done numerous research and taken some time to better familiarize myself with my new place. I found some information of London including the local traditions, popular food and drinks, and places nearby that I can visit easily. By knowing briefly the geography and history of London, I feel that I can better fit in and gain local experience easier, making my time spent more meaningful. In addition, to make a difference in overcoming those few days of adjustment, I am refreshing my language skills.
I think this opportunity for self-improvement is of great significance to me. Now, I am ready to start my school life at UCL!

UCL abroad departure
UCL abroad departure

Getting ready to go to UCL

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