SAF partners with London School of Economics for its first summer program offer

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SAF is delighted to offer an exciting new opportunity to study abroad students, introducing the Summer Academic Program at the London School of Economics (LSE).

This new offering from SAF provides students with a smoother path to experiencing life at LSE, a globally recognized institution renowned for its excellence in social sciences, especially in economics and political science.

The summer program is a more adaptable option for international students, allowing them to immerse themselves in LSE's distinguished academic environment while aligning more easily with their personal academic schedules at their home universities.


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However, the LSE Summer Academic Program offers more than just classes. It's a vibrant gathering place for students from across the globe, creating a diverse and dynamic environment akin to a mini United Nations. This program turns your summer into a rich international experience, right in the bustling heart of London, where you’ll forge new friendships with LSE alumni from all over the world. 

LSE Summer School also features Spark, a dynamic series of workshops and events aimed at building students’ professional skills. These include coding and Python courses, resume writing, and networking basics. By taking part, SAF students can earn LSE digital badges, which they can use to showcase their new skills on LinkedIn profiles, CVs, or email signatures.

Located in historic Central London, the LSE campus is a stone's throw away from many of the city's iconic attractions, including the River Thames and the London skyline. With a legacy of Nobel Prize winners and world leaders among its alumni, LSE is recognized as a breeding ground for exceptional talent and leadership.