The 5 Best Places in Europe To Hunker Down This Fall

Experience everything autumn has to offer, with these five exceptionally beautiful European destinations offering stunning foliage, cultural entertainment, and cozy establishments.

8 September 2021

Autumn in Europe is something that has to be seen in person to truly be appreciated! Seemingly overnight, iconic European cities transform as their treescapes turn golden and garnet, while normally packed streets, parks and public areas become quieter in the absence of summer tourists. Simply put – it’s the perfect time of year to travel and explore what the continent has to offer.  

Here are five of the best European destinations to head this fall, and what to do, see and experience while you’re there! 


leipzig in fall

This bustling metropolis in Germany’s southwest state of Saxon is a burgeoning hive of creativity and culture – which might explain why many now refer to it as “the new Berlin”. As the home of classical musical giants like Bach and Wagner, as well as dozens of world-class museums and art galleries, Leipzig prides itself on its cultural offerings. That includes a packed roster of festivals every fall, from Leipzig Jazz Days, a 10-day event showcasing more than 100 different acts, to the internationally renowned documentary film festival, DOK Leipzig. It’s also home to the University of Leipzig – one of the world’s oldest universities. 



paris in fall

Arguably the world’s most photogenic city, there isn’t really a bad time of the year to visit Paris! Still, with the city’s many tree-lined sidewalks turning brilliant autumnal hues of orange, yellow and red, fall is a mesmerizing time to experience the City of Lights. Stroll down the Seine River, just a stone’s throw from some of the country’s leading art schools, including École Normale de Musique de Paris, Marais Dance School, and La Villa Bastille. Or head to a beloved urban park to marvel at the landscape. The Jardin de Luxembourg is one of the city’s most popular and well-regarded natural enclaves – which is also blissfully tourist-free at this time of the year! You can find this bucolic spot just a short four-minute walk from the Catholic University of Paris.  



pub in dublin in fall

Too cold to spend time outside? Warm up in front of a roaring fireplace and a pint of Guinness or a mug of hot tea, at one of Dublin’s many character-filled pubs. Writers like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett all conceived of and wrote some of their most celebrated works at the city’s famous literary pubs, and no fall in Dublin would be complete without spending some time in them curled up in an armchair with a good book. Most of the city’s most storied establishments, like The Palace Bar and The Brazen Head, are within walking distance from Trinity College Dublin. 


Douro Valley 

douro valley in fall

This wine-producing valley between Spain and Portugal is so much more than just its world-class vineyards! Rolling hills, charming medieval villages and plenty of home-cooked country food make the Douro Valley a must-see in Europe – even more so in the autumn when the rolling hills and terraces turn fiery shades of burgundy and ochre. Just a short drive from major Spanish cities like Salamanca and Leon, the best way to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site is via car or bus, or even taking a cruise down the cascading Douro River. 



Amsterdam in fall

Did you know that Amsterdam is one of the leafiest cities in Europe? No surprises then, that the Dutch capital is simply enchanting when autumn arrives, as leaves change color and gradually start to line the city’s myriad canal-side walkways. Another way to embrace the colder season in Amsterdam is by exploring its famous attractions under the cover of night! Every November, Museum Night Amsterdam opens up over 50 museums until 2am, complete with live music, food, drink and special events. Just buy a wristband, hop on a bicycle, and see how many landmarks you can make it to!  

leipzig in fall
leipzig in fall

The 5 Best Places in Europe To

Hunker Down This Fall
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