SAF and UCLA Extension Successfully Debuted at the China International Education Fair

SAF Staff in exhibit hall at China International Education Exhibition 2019

On October 26-27, 2019, the China International Education Exhibition 2019 came to the exhibition hall of the Shanghai world expo. The SAF will joined hands with UCLA Extension for the first time in many years and became a new focus of attention in the exhibition area.

The China International Education Exhibition, sponsored by the China Association for International Exchange in Education, has been held for 19 consecutive years. Over the years, China’s international education exhibition has become an important communication platform for domestic students and parents to learn about overseas universities face to face.

At this Shanghai exhibition, SAF, an international educational exchange institution with a history of nearly 20 years, successfully set up a joint booth with UCLA. SAF professional consultation specialists provided detailed answers for students and their parents on the information of overseas institutions, specific projects, application conditions, overseas services, and other aspects.

On the afternoon of the 26th, Denis Couturier, Director of Customized Courses and Corporate Education for UCLA Extension program, Benjamin Mack, SAF Assistant Vice President of International Marketing and Admissions, Dr. Zhao Yanshu, SAF Vice President of Academic and Communication Development, and two outstanding alumni were the special guests that presented a wonderful live sharing session.

Denis talked about the UCLA Extension program, campus life, and faculty. In their humorous speeches, two influential guests of SAF, Benjamin Mack and Dr. Zhao Yanshu, introduced the cooperative relationship between SAF, the earliest international educational institution engaged in overseas study of non-academic students in China, with 985 domestic and 211 host universities for many years, and briefly listed more than 100 SAF overseas cooperative universities.

SAF is a branch and an important brand of IES Abroad, a famous American international education organization. IES has nearly 40 teaching centers and offices around the world to ensure students' service and safety. The emergency service system is perfect.

At the same time, Dr. Zhao Yanshu shared some of the comments from past students. "Harvard has taught me that you should never think you are too good and should never think you are not good," wrote Chen, a student from Beijing Jiaotong University.

Jenny, a representative of SAF alumni, went to UCLA for an exchange study semester in the fall of 2018. "I had planned to apply for overseas universities as a postgraduate student when I was a freshman, but I had doubts about whether I could adapt to the study and life abroad. I wanted to know about overseas study and life in advance through short-term exchange study in my junior year. In the spring of 2018, I saw the SAF exchange program on my school's official website. With the professional help of SAF staff, I applied for the UCLA fall semester program."

Jenny shared about the learning environment and academic atmosphere of UCLA, the safe and warm student dormitory arranged by SAF, how to obtain a professor recommendation letter, and how to get an 8.0 on the IELTS. She suggested that students actively participate in office hours of overseas universities, and one-on-one communication with professors could be very helpful in learning.

Finally, on stage was SAF brand friend Chenni Qian. After graduating from UCLA with a master's degree and entering the smart home department of Google as a female software and algorithm engineer, Chenni said, "The 10 years of study and life in the United States made me more aware of the communication experience at UCLA during my junior year, which really changed my life. Every step of my life was connected to this experience of studying electrical engineering in the lab."

At the same time, Chenni also shared her experience of 10 years of overseas study and life on the spot. She suggested that international students should first find their favorite major, learn to listen and express themselves in overseas study, learn to accumulate strong contacts, and most importantly, keep a positive learning attitude.

With the support and participation from students and parents, SAF and UCLA came to a successful conclusion of this year's China International Education Exposition in Shanghai. SAF provided students and parents provided interactive exchange, onsite consultation, and alumni sharing during the exposition. The SAF will continue to focus on the needs of students, promote international exchange between undergraduate and graduate students, promote cooperation between high-level universities in the east and the west, and provide students with overseas academic, research, language and internship opportunities.

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