Two Incredible Female Scientists at UC Berkeley

Female engineer in the lab with her back to the camera

The University of California, Berkeley is home to some amazing female scientists who are making huge contributions to their fields.

One of the most notable is Jennifer Doudna, who is a professor of Chemistry and of Molecular and Cell Biology. She is best known for her work on CRISPR, a revolutionary genetic editing tool that has the potential to change the way we treat diseases and improve agriculture. In 2020, Doudna was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her pioneering work on CRISPR. Doudna has said about Berkeley, "Berkeley is a wonderful place to do science. The faculty, staff and students are incredibly talented and dedicated, and the resources available are unparalleled."

Another fantastic female scientist at Berkeley is Carolyn Bertozzi, who is a professor of Chemistry and of Materials Science and Engineering. Bertozzi is a leading expert in the field of bio-orthogonal chemistry, which is the study of how to selectively manipulate biological molecules without interfering with the natural processes of living organisms. This work is paving the way for new treatments for diseases such as cancer. Bertozzi has commented on Berkeley stating, "Berkeley is a place where the boundaries between different fields of science are constantly being pushed and broken, and this interdisciplinary approach is key to the success of my research."

Both Professor Doudna and Professor Bertozzi are leading figures in their respective fields, and their work is having a significant impact on the world. It's truly inspiring to see the contributions that these women are making to science, and it's a reminder of the importance of diversity in the scientific community. If you're considering studying science at Berkeley, you'll be in great company with these women and other female scientists on campus.

The University of California, Berkeley is a great place for women who are interested in pursuing a career in science. With a wealth of resources and a community of supportive female scientists, Berkeley is a great place to grow as a scientist and make a real impact in the world.