Try the local cuisine when studying in Angers, France

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Angers is a beautiful city on the edge of the Loire Valley in western France. Get a deeper appreciation of the local cuisine while you’re studying at University Catholique de l’Ouest (UCO) as an SAF Scholar. The city and surrounding area have a rich history, stunning chateaus, and delicious regional specialities to taste. Part of the fun of studying in France is getting to know the local culture through the food. So here are some of the best local dishes to try.


This is a popular party appetizer made in the Loire region that dates back to the 15th century or earlier. Rillettes is a savory spread similar to a pate traditionally made from slow-cooked, shredded pork then seasoned with spices. You usually eat it with fresh, crusty bread or crackers, and you also get rillettes made from fish or poultry too. Rillettes is pulled, pressed and cooked in its own fat and you find it at supermarkets, charcuteries, and local markets sold in small tubs or slices by weight. So, if you’re planning a picnic, rillettes is the perfect local delicacy to spread on your baguette.

Quernon d'Ardoise

If you’d prefer something sweet, try these unique blue candies from Angers. They’re made of a thin layer of caramelised almond and hazelnut nougatine coated in white chocolate and tinted a dusky blue color. The color is to resemble the slate rooftops found on the city’s many buildings. It’s a lovely treat to look out for when you’re exploring the medieval streets of Angers. Quernon d'Ardoise give a lovely crunch when you bite into them and go well with a cup of coffee. Buy them from local chocolatiers such as La Maison du Quernon d'Ardoise just a 10-minute walk from campus.


These are small, puffy bread pieces, similar to pita bread, served filled with various delicacies. Fouées are an ancient bread popular since the Middle Ages and originating in the Loire Valley. The legend is that bakers would tear off a piece of dough and stick it in their wood oven to test it was hot enough. You can have your fouées with goat cheese, rillettes, or grilled vegetables. Visit a local restaurant specializing in fouées or try making them in your kitchen with a simple fouée recipe.

Saumur Wines

The Loire Valley is best known for its vineyards, and the Saumur region, near Angers, produces some of the finest wines in the world. While not a food, trying local wines should be on your list of experiences to try when you’re studying in Angers. There’s the prestigious dry white Savennières wine and rosé wine like Cabernet d’Anjou. You can find local wine in abundance at your local supermarket or you can sip to test a few at a local wine merchants in Angers such as Cavavin, a local wine merchant close to University Catholique de l’Ouest campus.