My Online Summer with Berkeley

This summer I had an extraordinary experience “to” the University of California, Berkeley. Why is it here inquotation marks? Owing to the special COVID-19 pandemic, I wasn’t able to go there physically. However, I really enjoyed my time studying and co-working with UCB students in an online course.

In March 2020, I saw the information for the SAF UCB program for the very first time on my university’s official website, I got quite hooked on it, and soon got in touch with an SAF program advisor. She gave me more detailed information on the program and helped me on my preparation of the required materials to apply to this program.

On 23rd June, I had my first class on CS61BL, Data Structure, had to catch up to others, but adapted very quickly. At that time, I was ignorant to both Java and Git, but after eight weeks, I am now familiar with how to use Git, the basic data structure of Java, the idea of asymptotical analysis, and so on.

Meanwhile, SAF held several awesome American-cultural meetings for us Chinese students in this summer session, which enhanced my cross-cultural competence deeply.

Plus, I made some good friends through collaborating with them on the course assignments. I even added my lab TA on Facebook!

Looking forward to the next chance to study at Berkeley! Hopefully then I can go there in the flesh.