How to Experience Local Colorado Culture

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From the snowcapped mountain peaks to cities teeming with art and history, there is something for everyone in the Centennial State. Newcomers to Colorado will discover the essence of the state in its cozy mountain towns, stunning nature, and unique cultural flare.

When University of Colorado Boulder students aren't studying, they can explore the woods or go to the cities to get a natural feel for life near the Rockies. Include these key activities on your Colorado bucket list to immerse yourself in the culture.

Hit the Slopes

Ski lifts over snow

With several large ski resorts and villages dispersed around the state, Colorado is an excellent destination for winter sports enthusiasts. Although two of the state's oldest and most well-known ski resorts are Vail and Aspen, there are even slopes in cities as far south as Durango. People of all ages and ability levels may experience the wonderful outdoors and Colorado's breathtaking mountains while taking in the beauty via skiing or snowboarding.

Sample Local Flavors

Colorado food

With many restaurants serving elk, deer, bison, lamb, and beef, meat lovers will be comfortable in Colorado. Although rocky mountain oysters are a well-known trademark dish, only some people like them after learning where they come from. The Southwest has a significant influence on the cuisine of the Centennial State, and one of Colorado's most well-liked dishes is chili verde, a pork-based dish that goes well with almost anything, including rice, burritos, stews, tacos, and enchiladas. Though the state is known for its abundance of meat-based entrees, most restaurants also offer non-carnivorous choices.

Explore the Outdoors

Lake and forest view in Colorado


Colorado's year-round outdoor activities will enchant anyone looking for excitement or quiet time in nature's splendor. State parks, national parks, picturesque roads, lakes, and rivers all entice people seeking unmatched natural beauty and maybe some adventure. There are numerous outdoor activities available in the state, such as hiking, rafting, riding, climbing, and more.

Shop Small Businesses

People walking with shopping bags

Colorado is home to an abundance of independent stores, boutiques, farmers markets, and tree-lined outdoor retail centers. Almost every large city and small town has an inviting spot for wandering and window shopping. Cherry Creek North, one of Denver's most well-liked shopping districts, is just a short drive from the city's center and home to over 300 stores, restaurants, hotels, spas, and salons. Additionally, urban shops, craft breweries, cafés, and retail boutiques line Boulder's pedestrian-only Pearl Street Mall, built in 1976 when a portion of Pearl Street was closed to all vehicle traffic.

The 16th Street Mall in the Denver region is incredibly joyous and brightly illuminated for the winter holidays. It also provides free shuttle buses that travel the length of the strip, making it easy to get around its more than 250 businesses. Numerous other mountain communities, such as Carbondale, Basalt, Salida, Lyons, Glenwood Springs, Evergreen, and Ouray, feature pedestrian-only streets brimming with galleries and stores.

See the Cities and Ghost Towns

Ghost town ruins

For a day trip or weekend getaway, sightseeing is the ideal way to absorb Colorado's cities and towns. The Denver area is home to parks, professional sports arenas, restaurants serving gourmet cuisine, nightclubs, and every contemporary convenience imaginable, while Colorado Springs showcases the highlights of Central Colorado. Take a road trip to one of the many old ghost towns and former mining settlements to experience a step back in time for an exciting and eerie day excursion.

Anyone could explore Colorado's incredible attractions, restaurants, and activities for weeks. Many annual seasonal festivals and events also provide excellent opportunities to enjoy the holidays and long-standing local customs.