How to Be a Better Global Citizen

We should all want to be a conscious global citizen. A global citizen is someone who is aware of what’s happening in the world and how they personally, as well as how other global citizens, can impact the world with their actions.

It’s important to strive for a better global impact to create a sustainable, understanding world. How can you become a better global citizen? It’s not as hard as it might sound.

Be Conscious

Be conscious


Being conscious of where you’re buying your clothes and food is incredibly important. It can seem easy with the advantages of technology to click and buy without another thought, but if you take a few extra minutes to learn where something is made or where it comes from, you can make conscious decisions on the companies you want to support.

Stay Aware

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Don’t get lost in your own world! Keep one eye on the horizon and pay attention to what is happening globally. Subscribing to a weekly news update email or simply looking over headlines for a few minutes each morning can help ensure you have a global view of what’s going on. 




Read, read, read! It doesn’t have to be something non-fiction for it to be beneficial, either. Simply consider reading something different – maybe an author from a different country or culture, a series of essays on a topic you’ve never thought about, the current events section of the paper, etc.

By expanding your view and scope, you can keep your finger on the pulse of the world. When you are more understanding to different groups of people and cultures, you are better equipped to care about the world as a whole.

Learn a New Language



Learning a new language widens your horizons. Through speaking, reading, and hearing another language, you broaden your mind on another culture. By understanding what words and phrases are most important to a group, you begin to understand more about them.

Study Abroad

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Studying abroad is so much more than just going to school in a different country – it's the perfect opportunity to understand another culture. What you learn outside the classroom is arguably the most important learning you do. Every interaction with a local, conversation with a classmate or walk around the city broadens your horizons and gives you a new perspective. 

By surrounding yourself with new and different people, places, and things, you will have no choice but to learn, adapt, and grow – making you a better global citizen.

It all boils down to having an open mind and thinking before you do. As the world becomes more globalized with technological advances, it’s more important than ever to adopt a global mindset. The world will thank you for it, and it will bring you personal success as well.