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The CSR China Education Rankings awards SAF as one of 2021’s "enterprises that encouraged and supported young people in their growth and promoted education across China."

We’re delighted that SAF, in partnership with IES Abroad, found recognition for our “Using the cloud to support STEM education in the rural classroom” project. In collaboration with university students on the Knowledge and Action Program, we assessed the needs of children in impoverished mountainous areas and used our learnings to create a suite of courses. Our aim was to expand the children’s horizons, to inspire them to study hard so they can achieve a better life.

In October, we shared the course materials with Litang County Middle School in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, with the simple drive of giving pupils access to real English to broaden their interest in English. By learning some simple English expressions, hearing about overseas schools and cultures in English-speaking countries, the children realized there is a broad, diverse world out there for them to explore.

As part of the program, we invited some of our outstanding SAF Alumni to share, by video, their overseas adventures. The children loved hearing the alumni's fluent English. Their teachers told us how excited they were by the experience, and how the material had motivated them to think about their futures.

After such a successful pilot in Litang, we’re looking forward to sharing the material with more schools. To help China educate its youth, we’re further growing the Cloud Support Education project. We’re investing in a larger suite of high-quality and diversified courses to connect children with the world, so they can continue to adapt and improve.

About CSR; China Education Rankings awards

Established in 2014, CSR China Education Rankings (Corporate Social Responsibility) are presented via joint partnership guided by the School Department of the Communist Youth League Central Committee and supported by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Every two years, the rankings aim to encourage and commend outstanding CSR projects that support the development of China’s education.

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