SAF Japan Career Preparation Workshop


This month, SAF Japan welcomed over 20 returning scholars to their annual Career Preparation Workshop. Designed as an exclusive service to SAF Alumni, the Career Preparation Workshop is designed to service returning students as they seek to maximize their study abroad experiences, newfound intercultural communication skills, and recently-formed professional and academic networks overseas.

Yukio Motohashi of career advising service Outrigger Inc. facilitated the workshop, and topics included:

  • How to analyze domestic companies' trends to understand your market value
  • How to write and talk about your study abroad experience with potential employers
  • How to analyze your strengths and weaknesses to maximize your potential as a prospective employee

One student who attended said, “I was able to learn all about job hunting that I wanted to know... Job hunting specialized for study abroad is not done at the university, so it was very helpful.”

SAF Alumni in Japan can expect to learn more about future Career Preparation Workshops in the future.