SAF China receives top recognition for social welfare efforts

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SAF China has been publicly recognized as an awardee in China’s 4th Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Education Awards. From a strong shortlist of organizations across all industries in the country, SAF China has taken home awards in the following categories:

These awards are recognition of our public work during the pandemic for the youth of China, primarily the SAF Gap Year Project with the Chinese Youth League, alongside our 100 Hours by SAF Charity Project and May Sunshine Always Follow You campaign. These three marketing campaigns became key communications platforms over the past 8 months, including outreach efforts to our own students impacted by the pandemic, our home university partners, and coordination with campus groups across the country. Their impact has been recognized alongside Apple’s Smart Benefit Program, Nike Sports’ Active Schools Active Campus Program, Nippon China’s Color for Love Education Program, and Procter & Gamble’s China’s National School Health Education Program.

These awards were established in 2014 and are awarded every two years, and are the only CSR awards granted under China’s Ministry of Education as an initiative of the China Education Support Plan and the Chinese Youth League. Since their founding, they have mobilized more than 6,000 college student groups from more than 470 universities to carry out education assistance, environmental protection, poverty alleviation, innovation and entrepreneurship, research, professional competitions, and public welfare communication projects… Not least of which includes our very own SAF Gap Year project!

Being presented with these awards elevates SAF China’s brand visibility and positions us in a favorable light as a credible organization with a recognized public welfare mission. It bring SAF China public endorsement that cements our legitimacy with stakeholders far and wide.

In addition to the public recognition of our efforts, details of SAF’s work will be published in 4 pages in the book "Selected Cases of the 4th CSR China Education Awards in 2020", which presents the best CSR project cases in China and provides in-depth interpretations for relevant government departments, research institutions, well-known universities and the media.

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