SAF’s Best Photo Contest Winners

IES Abroad_Julie Snitzer_IES Abroad Cape Town_Villanova University_Sunset

On August 27, the Study Abroad Foundation (SAF) released a new video - a selection of photos taken by SAF and IES Abroad students! Through the video, you can truly feel the profound meaning of their study abroad experience.

SAF and IES Abroad hold two photo competitions every year, inviting students to photograph every aspect of their overseas study. Each time we received positive feedback from our alumni. In 2018, we received 217 submissions and 4,468 votes. This year's spring competition, 137 students submitted their photos, and the number of votes reached 9,018.

We’re looking forward to the photo contest this fall!

In order to let more people enjoy these beautiful photos, we have selected some of them and made an exquisite video!

If you're interested in the video, please join next year's SAF photo contest, we’re waiting for your participation!

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