Dr. Gregory Hess, president and CEO of IES Abroad and SAF featured in the Shanghai Daily

Shanghai Daily - Greg Hess interview

Dr. Gregory Hess, president and CEO of IES Abroad and SAF, was interviewed by the Shanghai Daily. He shared insights on the role study abroad will play in China in the post-pandemic era.

Dr. Hess, stressed the importance of promoting global citizenship amid the pandemic. He is quoted saying

"Studying abroad allows young people to transcend cultural differences and conflicts, cultivate global citizenship and foster the values of a shared community for all. The experience also results in tangible benefits, allowing students to pursue advanced studies, leverage a broader academic and professional network, as well as enhance their resume and professional standing.”

He continues, “We do this from top-to-bottom, from our innovative approach to programming to the introduction of student-centric virtual social programs such as our new ‘Beyond the Classroom’ initiative. Every day SAF and IES Abroad connect diverse students and foster a culture of openness and inclusion.”

Thanks much to Dr. Hess and The Shanghai Daily!

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