China Partner Industry Update


SAF China hosted the ‘China Partner Industry Update’ Webinar for SAF sending institution representatives. Carol Carmody, Zhao Ning and Lucia You co-paneled. The panelists shared updates on life in the U.S., offered the latest information on-campus health and safety measures across SAF hosting institutions, and focused on the latest innovations from SAF and our host university partners in accommodating international students. Let’s take a look at a few highlights.

Anti-racism movement in the U.S.

The panelists addressed the anti-racism movement within the United States and through the on-campus context. The team shared resources and support available both through hosting institutions and SAF. The panelists highlighted:

  • Renewed commitment to eradicating racism and promoting a culture of anti-racism at the institutional level
  • Workshops, education programs, student organizations
  • Improvement in processes for hate and bias incidents for students, faculty and staff
  • International Student Services, Dean of Students Office & Campus police

Campus health and safety measures

Within sending institutions in China the current status quo varies greatly to those of specific western regions and institutions. SAF shared valued information regarding those differences and what potential students could expect. The panelists covered the following:

  • Mask mandates
  • Vaccination rates
  • COVID testing and contact tracing
  • Daily symptom screening / daily health checks
  • COVID prevention training
  • UK border control
  • National health systems

The event was co-paneled by Carol Carmody, Zhao Ning and Lucia You. 

Carol is SAF’s Executive Director and amongst her 30 years of experience, she’s accumulated a variety of international education specialties including: US outbound study abroad, international admissions, English language program management and marketing and international student advising.

Zhao Ning is the Executive Director of SAF China. Zhao Ning has been working with IES Abroad for nearly 15 years and at SAF she oversees the Chinese University Relations network. Before joining SAF, Zhao Ning managed the IES Abroad Beijing Center for 11 years.

Lucia You is SAF’s Director of Program Management. Prior to joining SAF Lucia was the IES Abroad Assistant Dean of Students. She brings more than 20 years of education and global learning support.

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