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Studying abroad is the adventure of a lifetime. With so many benefits of studying abroad, there's no doubt you will have questions. Whether you're a representative from a university, an interested parent or student, or one of our thousands of alumni, contact us to find out how you can take the next steps with SAF.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SAF's international university consortium work?

SAF's international university consortium is a multilateral network of universities. Membership is by invitation only, with members comprised of universities noted for their ranking, distinct course offering, accomplished faculty or alumni, or their internationalization capabilities. Through SAF, our consortium works together to increase study abroad opportunities for well-qualified and highly motivated international students.

Where do SAF Scholars come from and what do they study?

SAF Scholars hail from top universities in China, Japan, and Korea. Our scholars are nominated by their home university International Offices for short-term visiting student programs, and work with our professional Student Counsellors in their home country to select the program most applicable for their goals. 

With multiple offices across China, Japan, and Korea, the Study Abroad Foundation is a trusted and integral internationalization partner of our home universities. We work daily to advise international offices and faculty of opportunities to enhance their student mobility and international exposure.

Our students study a range of programs. While visiting for a single for-credit semester is a popular choice, many student enhance their experience with additional language studies, internship or research programs. 

What are the benefits of becoming a home partner in the SAF university consortium?

Working with the Study Abroad Foundation as fast-tracks the internationalization efforts of our home university partners. Leveraging our experience in the field, home university partners gain instant access to our range of study abroad and visiting placement options for their students and minimize the impact of student mobility on their university staffing and financial resources.

SAF has over 20 years of experience in understanding the complex nature of western university study abroad programs. We have developed partnerships with universities serving extraordinary and unique opportunities across a broad range of disciplines for international students. Working with SAF opens access to over 140 for-credit academic semester, summer, research, language and internship programs for your students.

As part of IES Abroad, SAF has access to over 30 teaching centers across Europe, Africa, Oceania and South America. This network provides opportunities for your faculty to develop bespoke academic study tour and faculty-led programs across a range of disciplines.

With numerous fully staffed offices across Asia, our staff work in partnership with international offices to assist with one-on-one counselling and ensure students maximize the benefits of their study abroad experience.

Best of all, the Study Abroad Foundation is a registered US 501(c) nonprofit organization. This secures the longevity of our organization as a reliable partner well into the future, with all revenues re-invested into the organization's long-term capabilities to offer a world class experience for international students. 

What are the benefits of becoming a host partner in the SAF university consortium?

SAF was among the first to recognize that fully preparing and supporting visiting non-degree students could burden hosting institutions’ human and financial resources.

As a result, SAF has developed sophisticated enrollment management services specifically for short-term visiting students and their admissions personnel at inbound host universities. This reduces the time, resource intensivity and cost of recruiting and enrolling visiting non-degree students.

As a host partner with SAF, you benefit from these specialized recruitment and advising services, a comprehensive approach to student health and safety and student housing placement, deep market intelligence and a range of payment services to ease the transition of students into your university. 

How does SAF recruit students for its host university partners?

The Study Abroad Foundation's professional University Relations and Student Counselling teams are based in offices across China, Japan, and Korea, and work to educate partners and students about host university programs and the unique opportunities available across our network. 

Our in-country staff work hand-in-hand with our US-based Program Specialists. Our US team works daily with host university partners to ensure student application quality is maximized. 

What is the relationship of SAF and IES Abroad?

SAF is a part of IES Abroad, a registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization based in Chicago in the United States. IES Abroad is overseen by an independent Board of Directors - a group of elite business and academic leaders in their field - and is held to the highest US government transparency and ethical business standards. 

Everything we do is about the student. We’re a passionate team of study abroad professionals who believe in creating once-in-a-lifetime educational adventures that transcend expectations. We believe every student should have the opportunity to go abroad - especially in an enriching, safe, and superior academic and cultural environment.

IES Abroad launched their first program in 1950. Today, IES Abroad facilitates study abroad programming for nearly 10,000 students a year around the world. 

Where can I meet SAF?

SAF is always out-and-about. Whether you're a university representative, or an interested student, there are numerous opportunities to meet representatives of the Study Abroad Foundation.

Industry and university staff should look for SAF at APAIE or NAFSA, or discuss with SAF our regular professional development opportunities in China, Japan, and the United States.

Students studying within our home university network in China can visit our Events page.

What is a Foundation and a nonprofit organization?

A foundation is a non-government entity established as a nonprofit organization. The Study Abroad Foundation is one such organization, established with the principal purpose of supporting individuals and universities in their pursuit of internationalization. 

Nonprofit organizations based in the United States are considered 'tax exempt organizations', and are required to submit annual filings to the government which are made publically available. These filings give complete public transparency about the organization's finances, board members, and key employees.

In short, as a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all of our earnings must be reinvested in our organization - in our capabilities, in our students, and in our mission to provide the most highly regarded study abroad opportunities available. 

Can I apply for scholarships from the Study Abroad Foundation?

The Study Abroad Foundation facilitates student mobility amongst our International University Network. Numerous host universities offer both merit and need-based scholarships to short term visiting students, often made available exclusively through the Study Abroad Foundation. Students interested in university-provisioned scholarships should discuss their goals with their SAF Student Counsellor.

Can students from a non-member university apply to study with the Study Abroad Foundation? 

Universities with membership to SAF's international university consortium maintain a confirmed academic agreement which articulates the process for credit transfer. Students studying at non-member universities are welcome to apply to study with the Study Abroad Foundation, however credit transfer arrangements may need to be negotiated specifically by the student with their home university and may be approved on a case-by-case basis. 

What age groups does the Study Abroad Foundation cater to?

Generally, SAF programs are open to students currently enrolled in a bachelors degree or higher. Students are required to be over 18 years old and legally considered an adult to study on our programs.

Does the Study Abroad Foundation provide study tour services?

The Study Abroad Foundation offers bespoke academic study tours at university and teaching centers around the world. Through the resources of IES Abroad, our university partners benefit from our capabilities to consult with university faculty members to design either for-credit or non-credit program tailored for their curriculum. To find out more, visit our About Us page.

What is the difference between the Study Abroad Foundation and a student recruitment agency?

As a mission-based organization, the Study Abroad Foundation operates with the long-term goals of encouraging student mobility and promoting university internationalization. We are mission-driven, not profit-driven. While student recruitment agencies typically operate with the goal of generating shareholder profit, the Study Abroad Foundation aims to support students and universities through our mission-based framework and our legal nonprofit status.