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As the oldest California state university, SJSU is known for innovation, award-winning faculty, and visionary teachers from corporations across Silicon Valley. Be inspired by studying in the heart of Silicon Valley where the likes of Apple and Google are headquartered. Enter the annual Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge for a chance to win mentorship and networking opportunities from faculty and industry leaders. If you’re still not sold, the city of San Jose averages 300 days of sunshine annually, making it easy to study and play outdoors year-round. It’s the perfect setting to birth the next game-changing innovation.

Academic strength: Anthropology, Sociology & Gender, Biological & Physical Sciences
Rankings: Globally Recognized

About the University

San Jose State University

Established in 1857, SJSU is the oldest California state university, but its San Jose campus sits at the heart of one of the most forward-facing neighborhoods in the world, Silicon Valley. This is where world-changing tech firms, such as Apple, Facebook, and Google, are headquartered alongside behemoth corporations Visa, Wells Fargo, and Chevron. The relationships between the university and local organizations are strong, partnered as they are in enhancing the economic, cultural, and social development of their local environment and communities.

Beyond its impressive inhabitants, San Jose has a beautifully preserved city center, rich in Spanish-colonial architecture and history. Its food, too, has strong Spanish influences.

Learn more at San Jose State University's official website.

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Shim Wonbo
“All of the classes at San Jose are conducted in English, which helped my English skills. The weather is very good, and the surrounding sea and big cities are close. Plus, police patrol the city 24 hours a day to ensure safety.”
Shim Wonbo, Past SAF Student

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What Does It Mean to Be the Most Transformative University in the Nation?

At SJSU, it means discovering what you’re capable of. It means finding out who you are, and it means understanding how you can change the world. Every Spartan has a story of transformation.

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