Who is a Concurrent program right for?

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Concurrent programs provide students with the unique opportunity to balance language studies and academic coursework in the same term. They’re a perfect solution for students interested in improving their language skills while simultaneously earning credits toward their degree.

SAF's concurrent programs are structured so that students can enroll in non-credit language classes and for-credit academic courses at the same time. Depending on the university, these kinds of programs can span multiple semesters – for example, Fall and Winter Terms – or just one single term. They can also comprise mostly language courses and one academic course, mostly academic and one language course, or a mix of both.

Concurrent programs are the right fit for students whose home universities require them to take at least one academic course and earn a minimum number of credits, in addition to non-credit language studies.

They’re also well-suited to students who meet the high requisite level of academic coursework, but who would prefer to also improve their language proficiency while they’re abroad.

One of the significant benefits of concurrent programs is the flexibility they offer. They require less time commitment than a pathway program, which requires students to spend at least one semester improving their language proficiency. Students who may not have as much time to spend abroad can still reap the benefits of studying abroad by enrolling in a single-term concurrent program.

Overall, concurrent programs offer a practical and efficient way for students to achieve their academic goals while brushing up on their language skills. If you're interested in learning more about SAF's concurrent programs and our other award-winning scholastic offerings, get in touch with an SAF counselor today to find out which program might be right for you.

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