Your Semester-End Tips

Follow these tips to end your semester with confidence.

27 February 2020

Managing Your Student Account

The SAF Program Fee covers your tuition, in-session housing and mandatory university fees, but you may have personal charges on your student account for which you are responsible. Avoid having your records or course registration held up by an outstanding balance. Check and make your account payments using the student portal. If you receive an invoice for any expense included in your SAF Program Fee (tuition, mandatory fees, housing while classes are in session, housing deposit, arrival transportation), or see a financial hold on your account—please contact our SAF HQ Accounting Bookkeeper Pam Shannon.

Personal Debts May Include:

  • Health Center Fees
  • Remaining Balances on your Student ID
  • Textbooks/Bookstore Fees
  • Judicial/Disciplinary Fees
  • Additional Housing Fees (lockouts, lost keys)
  • Food/Drink Purchases Outside of a Meal Plan
  • Drop/Add Late Fees
  • Library Fines

Extending Your Program

If you’ve enjoyed your semester abroad so much that you’re ready to enroll in another one, act now. The Foundation has procedures for extending your program, as does your host university. Speak with your host university adviser and write your SAF HQ Program Coordinator for a Program Extension Form.

SAF Extension Requirements:

  • A completed ‘Application to Extend Program Length’, including a host university official’s signature
  • New ‘Financial Documentation and Affidavit of Support’
  • Permission from your home university for the extension
  • All documents must be completed and sent to SAF HQ by the requisite deadline

Moving Out  

If this is your final semester at your host university, familiarize yourself with the procedures, dates and times for moving out. Visit  the front desk manager or office staff at your residence hall for more information. As always, you may contact your SAF HQ Program Coordinator with questions.<

Sticking Around

There’s no better way to celebrate the completion of your successful study abroad program than by sightseeing around the city or country where you had spent most of your time studying indoors. Please consult your international student visa policies for the length of time you may remain in the country. Your student health insurance expires when classes finish — and the costs are high for seeking health care without insurance. So, before you enjoy being a tourist, please consider purchasing a supplemental insurance like this one.

semester tips

semester tips

semester tips

Your Semester-End Tips

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