Traveling to San Diego to Study Abroad

SAF Correspondent Moonkyu Park from Myongji University is reporting from California State University, San Marcos.

18 September 2019

Incheon --> Seattle --> San Diego

A week before I went to America, I packed two 23kg carriers to go to America. I met with a lot of friends, ate delicious food with my family, and after a while, I'm on a plane that's heading to the U.S.A

I had been preparing to go to America since January this year. Finally, I came to America. When I said goodbye to my parents and sat down at the airport, I was a little scared, expecting things to unfold in my next six months in America. I wondered what kind of people will be met and what kind of classes will be held. As an Asian, don't you think you'll go through racism? Or will I make mistakes because of cultural differences? I go to America with a lot of worries. But I look forward to the things that will unfold in front of me! What will happen? I will upload more often than not!

plane_study abroad_SAF
plane_study abroad_SAF

Traveling to San Diego to Stud

y Abroad
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