Get ready for UC Berkeley summer session!

Follow along with me as I prepare for my summer abroad at UC Berkeley!

19 July 2019

My name is Jingzi Zhou, and I'm from Southeast University. I’ve been sleepless for the upcoming overseas program at UC Berkeley for two days. It’s my first time to be abroad alone for such a long time, so I am excited and a little nervous as well about the uncertainty and whatever I would encounter during this unique and precious experience.
Two 28-inch suitcases and two pieces of carry-on luggage! Those are what I have for the trip to Berkeley and the following Columbia program. Guess what I’ve stuffed into these bags?

Pack clothes suitable for every season. Berkeley has a mild climate, which is very cozy at noon, but a bit windy for the rest of the day. Apart from flip-flops, shorts or pants, overcoats could be very useful.

Tables PC or electronic reader? For arduous travelers like me who fly across half of the globe, it’s impractical to carry all the books needed. Therefore, a portable electronic device at hand would save many problems.
Rubber bands can help when long hair sticks around one’s neck because of sweating. It could also be useful if one wants to sort out his or her sundries, such as stacks of tickets or cards.
From my perspective, the summer session at Berkeley is not only a thrilling excursion in academia but also a tough yet stimulating voyage in terms of one’s whole life on a global scale.

I wish anyone who is willing to or will grab onto such a good opportunity a better future!

UCB buildings
Top view of Berkeley
UCB lunch spread
Student lunch
Correspondent Jingzi Zhou

UC Berkeley Summer

Get ready with me!
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